About Us


Thank you for taking the time to see what our dogs and program are about!

My family has been showing and breeding Champion Dogo Argentinos for the past two decades since I was two years old. I showed Juniors and in Breed competition with my Dogos starting at age 5. I also showed competitively in AKC Junior Showmanship in early 2013 till 2017 with my old Cane Corso Amore. My mother in early 2018 gave me the green light to find a heart breed that was smaller than our current dogs, quiet (haha yeah...right...lol), not messy (yeah until they find tissues!), no dog smell (unless they pass gas), no drool, etc. I was having a hard time until one day at a dog show I saw a breeder (Jay Webb of Kazor Basenjis) walking by with a group of Basenjis. I immediately fell in love. Maybe because they were trying to outsmart the leash or the way they unapologetically made their own decisions in the show ring. I got into contact with a breeder in Russia. I researched her pedigree and loved her father and her grandmother was such an amazing bitch...shortly after I put down the payment for my first Basenji, Autumn. As soon as she was old enough I began to show her. I can't say enough amazing things about the California and AZ Basenji Show community! Even the other regions! In a whole nutshell, the Basenji show and performance community is wonderful and so welcoming.

Our Basenjis are first and foremost our family members. We're dedicated to protecting and preserving the Basenji by remaining true to the breed standard. The Basenji is a pure and ancient breed that is prone to the founder effect. Health and ethics is the most solid base of any breeding program and paves a path to a solid future. All my Basenjis are to have their health records posted on the official OFA website and complete by the age of two. This is so crucial to a breeding program to ensure that records are kept. Generations of record-keeping can help prevent future health problems. I also believe in programs to assist in puppy development and socialization such as Puppy Culture. I see puppies easily overcome challenges and are more sound dogs. Basenjis are extremely intelligent and need mental stimulation. These programs provide puppies with desensitization situation, more sound temperaments, and confidence.

We're located in San Diego, California only a few minutes away from the beach and airport. Where the 52 meets the 5! Our Basenjis love going to the beach, bays, and historical landmarks such as Balboa Park.

-Carla M. Ghilardi